My story

We all know that everything has a story behind it, and I’d like to share the story of my logo with you. 💫

The logo represents the essence of being human, imperfect and unique, just like each one of us. The letters in the logo are intentionally not perfect in size, symbolizing the beauty of our individuality. 💡

Additionally, the logo features blanks, which serve as a powerful metaphor for the continuous journey of learning and growth that we embark upon throughout our lives. It reminds us that we are never truly complete, as there is always room for improvement and new knowledge. 📚

I’m excited to embrace this logo as a symbol of my portfolio, capturing the spirit of being human and the endless pursuit of self-development. 👩🏼‍💻

What about my career?

I worked as a creative copywriter in Turkey for 8 years, gaining valuable experience in medical communication projects, employer branding, and digital projects for both B2B and B2C products. Recently, motivated by a growing interest in the world of user experience, I have embarked on a new path as a product designer. ✍️

Enthusiastically undertaking a product design course, I am dedicated to enhancing my skills in UX and UI, blending my talent for storytelling with an intuitive design approach.

I believe that my experience as a creative copywriter, coupled with over 8 years of strategic thinking, has helped me grasp the intricacies of the UX process. 💡🎨


User Experience Design
User Research
User Interviews
User Flows
User Interface Design
Creative Concept Creation


Every aspect of UX/UI
Design Systems
Accessibility in Product Design

Some moments of my life

I am a person who enjoys discipline, creating opportunities to try new things and to see new cities, and spending time with my cats.

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