Crypto Currency App

This project is one of the capstone projects in my Product Design Course. My responsibilities in this project include UI design.

What is the problem?

The challenge is to design a user-friendly and accessible cryptocurrency app for individuals who are new to the crypto market and need guidance and education to feel secure.

Risks and Reward

Engaging in the rapidly growing crypto market presents an opportunity to establish our presence, capture market share from more intricate crypto apps, and gain recognition, with a successful outcome defined by achieving a minimum of 20,000 initial users and generating a monthly recurring revenue of $20,000 through investment service charges.

Ideas and Validation

Based on our user research, we possess preliminary thumbnail sketches and competitive comparisons. We’ve developed a solid concept for the primary application flow, incorporating gamification and suggestions. Our initial research indicates positive user responses and enthusiasm toward this direction.

This presents an ideal chance to address the entry obstacles faced by new crypto investors. A mobile app offers the simplest, most accessible, and user-friendly pathway for adoption.

What are the goals?

  • Develop a simplified cryptocurrency application

  • Reduce the number of steps required to access trading

  • Simplify complex statistics presentation

  • Provide tutorials and beginner-friendly information about cryptocurrencies.

User Persona

User Flow


UI Kit

UI Design

As you can see in the buying coins flow, I’ve designed the steps to be very clear and easy for users to understand.

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